A hint on our history

  • 1989


    Promau was born as a pioneer of Rapid Prototyping and additive construction technologies.

  • 2004

    Italian Rapid-Competence-Center®

    From rapid prototyping service, following a well defined and structured growth plan, we have become the first Italian Rapid-Competence-Center®. This term identifies the company that, using advanced technologies, integrates within itself all the necessary skills for the development, industrialization and mass production of a new component. The constant commitment to the implementation of new technologies, processes and materials, as well as a policy to invest 6% of the annual turnover on research activities has allowed us to remain a key player in the market of innovative solutions for the rapid development of the product.

  • 2016

    The UV_Lux® Brand was founded

    The unification of our production processes in the historical headquarters in Cameri (NO) has allowed us to integrate and consolidate all our skills: design, prototyping and design verification, injection mold construction, mass production of thermoplastic assembly and painting. Years of experience in the market convinced us to face new challanges in the design and construction of the first automatic microfibre coating plant.

12000 m2

of operational structure



over 1500

components in production